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Airports, Runways, Apron Slabs and Demolition
The Airport environment is one of high security and the construction of new airport buildings, runways, apron slabs with all the attendant utilities both above and below ground presents a challenging work environment. Demolition of existing piers, stands, air-bridges, nodes and other structures while maintaining a fully operational airport is highly skilled and logistically difficult work.

This is due to the fact that the works are by their nature safety critical and entail detailed planning, programming and monitoring. Working in an airport environment presents particular difficulties for Contractors when working air-side. Knowledge of this working environment is essential for those tendering for airport building, civil engineering, mechanical & electrical and other utility works.

Brian M. O’Connor’s expertise in Commercial Management and in Construction Contract Claim production and Defence to Claim and Counter-Claim is widely known in Ireland. Mr. O’Connor’s expertise has derived from 28 years working in the Construction Industry with 15 of those years being attributed to advising Clients on all aspects of Construction with the exception of design.

These Clients have included International Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors and large International Employers and Developers.  Mr. O’Connor’s appointment as an Independent Expert Witness in connection with Terminal 2 Dublin Airport which was litigated in the Commercial Court in 2011 and ultimately settled, demonstrates that he possesses the necessary expertise required to  practice in this area and to provide Clients with the best possible advice.

Brian M. O’Connor has been appointed to advise both Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors working in Dublin Airport for the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) and is conversant with the DAA, the Airport Police and Airport Emergency Fire Service Health & Safety Rules and Regulations pertaining to both landside & airside operations. In addition, Mr. O’Connor is knowledgeable on the various bespoke forms of Contract adopted by the DAA and also the Irish Public Works Forms of Main Contract and Sub-Contract.   

Mr. O’Connor has also been appointed as an Independent Expert Witness in connection with a large commercial dispute in connection with the new Terminal 2 Construction Works that was litigated in the Commercial Court and is thus, ideally placed to advise Contractors who wish to tender for works and those who are carrying out works in an airport environment.