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Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Engineering forms part of any modern building or civil engineering project and while it is a separate engineering disciple that encompasses heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), the issues that affect the discipline are similar to those that affect other areas of engineering.

This is particularly so in relation to estimating, procurement, contract administration and management.  However, the design, installation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems are highly specialised.

Brian M. O’Connor’s expertise in Commercial Management and in Construction Contract Claim production and Defence to Claim and Counter-Claim in the Mechanical & Electrical Sector of the Construction Industry is widely known in Ireland. Mr. O’Connor’s expertise has derived from 28 years working in the Construction Industry with 15 of those years being attributed to advising Clients on all aspects of Construction with the exception of design.

These Clients have included International Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors and large International Employers and Developers.  It is only through learning and experience that one acquires expertise and Mr. O’Connor has been involved in a variety of projects with heavy mechanical and electrical installations and has prepared Contractual Claims for both Mechanical & Electrical Contractors.

Brian M. O’Connor has been employed as a Consultant by both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Contractors and has worked with Building Services Consultants on Building Projects in the past in the resolution of contractual claims and counter-claims and has achieved successful outcomes for his Clients in the form of satisfactory settlement agreements in both Conciliation & Arbitration.