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Road Motorway, Dual Carriageway, Single Carriageway, Re-alignments and up-grades
The road infrastructure network has been developed in Ireland by the National Roads Authority (NRA) and the Local Authorities and expanded rapidly during the boom years. Major by-pass Schemes were carried out to link Dublin with all major cities in Ireland through the Eastern, Western and Southern corridors.

A substantial amount of this work was grant aided by the E.U. through its Structural Fund – European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), however, important sections of the Motorway Network in Ireland have been constructed using the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Capital Works Procurement Model.

Brian M. O’Connor has extensive experience working on and advising Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors on all manner or road schemes including motorway construction, dual carriageways, major road re-alignments through to road improvement schemes and traffic calming schemes.

Brian M. O’Connor’s expertise in Commercial Management and in Construction Contract Claim production and Defence to Claim and Counter-Claim is widely known in Ireland. Mr. O’Connor’s expertise has derived from 28 years working in the Construction Industry with 15 of those years being attributed to advising Clients on all aspects of Construction with the exception of design. These Clients have included International Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors and large International Employers and Developers. 

Mr. O’Connor has particular expertise in relation to road schemes as he has been employed by such Clients as a Claims Consultant and Commercial Manager on several Traditional and Design & Build Motorway / Dual Carriageway / Road Re-alignment Schemes and Traffic Calming Schemes in Ireland.  

Mr. O’Connor has worked on a variety of Contract Types such as Traditional Contracting, Design and Build and also Public Private Partnership Contracts such as the Dublin Port Tunnel.  Mr. O’Connor’s experience includes estimating / bid preparation and submission, contract management, commercial management including the preparation of detailed claim submissions to Local Authorities and also Alternative Dispute Resolution in connection with road-works.

Mr. O’Connor has particular expertise in advising Contractors in relation to the Public Works Form of Contract published by the Department of Finance in 2007 and is currently acting as Commercial Manager and Claims Consultant to a Civil Engineering Main Contractor on a public works road re-alignment project in the west of Ireland.

In addition to this experience in the Public Sector, Mr. O’Connor has been involved in advising and preparing bids in relation to Private Sector Works, for example roadway infrastructure on private development schemes.