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The Irish Public Works Forms of Contract published by the Department of Finance 2007 place a high emphasis on project planning and post-contract programme management so that relevant events otherwise known as  compensation events and delay events can be monitored and any time and cost implications assessed at an early opportunity. A failure to comply with the condition precedent requirements of the (GCCC) Conditions of Contract will be fatal for Contractors, as it will render their Claims null and void. Other forms of Construction Contracts such as IEI, ICE and NEC 3 Suite of Contracts also place a large emphasis on programming and time management.

In addition to the development of Project Master Plans where programme logic,  activity sequence, activity durations and float are of prime importance, OCCCC offer Client’s the following programming and scheduling services:-

• Tender Programme Development

• Contract Programme Development  such as IEI, ICE & IMECHE / IEE Clause 14 Programmes

• Programme Revisions (Programme Up-dates)

• Resourced Programmes (Fully Loaded)

• Delay Analysis

Static Delay Analysis Methods
As-Built Programme of Works
As-Planned versus As-Built
Common sense


Dynamic Delay Analysis Methods
Impacted As-Planned
Collapsed As-Built / ‘But-For’
Time Impact / Time Slice Analysis
Windows Analysis

In our specialist Delay Analysis work, OCCCC carries out both prospective (future based) and retrospective (historical based) delay analysis and also uses static and dynamic techniques to demonstrate the ‘cause and effect’ of changes to construction projects.  Our work is carried out in an objective fashion and in a way that can be understood by all and in particular, by Judges or Arbitrators who adjudicate on Delay and Disruption Claims in contentious litigation or arbitration.

OCCC Delay Analysis carries out a detailed review and analysis of all pre-and post-contract records retained by our Employer or Contracting Organisation Clients. This forensic analysis of site and other records is an absolute pre-requisite to independently establishing the facts that pertain to any element of a dispute so that a complete picture is built up that accurately represents what actually happened on site.

A detailed understanding of Programming, Construction Technology, Quantity Surveying, Contract and Project Management is essential in order to appreciate the complexities of the issues that arise on site and to be able to unravel the tangled webs of competing positions and to be able to deliver an authoritative report on the true causes of delay.

Brian M. O’Connor is a Quantum Expert who also has expertise in the area of Delay Analysis. However, for the more complex projects involving a multiplicity of Activities and multiple new Delay Event Activities, Mr. O’Connor usually works in conjunction with an Expert Delay Analysts who is highly experienced and skilled in the use of Critical Path Delay Analysis Software such as Microsoft Project and Primavera P3 & P6, Power-Project, etc.  

The Principal of OCCCC possesses a large amount of experience working in the area of Construction Contract Claims and this includes delay analysis.

Mr. O’Connor has worked both in isolation and in conjunction with other experts in both Conciliation and Arbitration. Where the occasion demands it, OCCCC will collaborate with highly qualified and experienced delay analysts in order to validate and or present findings of delay.