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Construction Commercial Management covers a wide area of service which deals with the efficient and cost effective financial management of projects from inception through to completion.  This applies equally to Construction Employers & Contracting Organisations. Quantity Surveying Practice embraces the vast majority, if not all, the competencies in the Commercial Management area.

Financial Institutions & Banks have a very keen interest in how their financing is being used and whether or not their investment will pay dividends. This applies to all Project Funding Arrangements including Public Private Partnerships (PPP) / Public Private Initiatives (PPI). Similarly, the Department of Finance and Local Authorities will be seeking Value for Tax-Payers Money (VfM) expended on the Governments Capital Works Programme and Local Authorities Development Plans.

As Construction is a risky enterprise, and never more so in these difficult economic times, our Clients place cost control of projects as a high priority and we meet their needs through the use of detailed cost planning / estimating and budgeting and through the employment of effective post-contract cost control procedures and management.

Depending on our role, we aim to provide our Clients with added value for the services we supply. i.e. VfM for Employers and maximising value recovery for Contracting & Sub-Contracting Organisations.  

At OCCCC we pride ourselves in our ability to reduce the risks involved for Parties engaged in Construction through our expertise and experience in contract administration, commercial management and cost control. Claim identification and management and defence to Claim and Counter-Claim is an essential part of the service that we supply.

At OCCCC we provide the following commercial management services to our Clients:-

• Cost Planning & Budgeting

• Cash Flow Forecasting

• Accurate Cost Reporting

• Sub-Contract Procurement and Sub-Contract Management

• Interim Valuations

• Change Order / Variation Evaluation

• Notification Compliance – Time & Cost

• Project Record Keeping

• Implementation of Document Control, Financial Control Systems, Data Bases and other Project Specific Procedures and Processes for Cost Allocation, Cost Control and Cost Reporting.

• Value Engineering  

• Final Accounts

• Shadow Contract Administration and Project Management

• Dilapidation Surveys & Reports and distressed Asset Valuation

Brian M. O’Connor’s expertise in Commercial Management has derived from 28 years working in the Construction Industry with 15 of those years being attributed to advising Clients on all aspects of Construction with the exception of design. These Clients have included International Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors and large International Employers and Developers.  Mr. O’Connor’s academic and professional qualifications are an indication of his expertise in Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management, however it is the quality experience gained over the last 28 years that makes him a valuable member of any team and a formidable opponent.

Brian M. O’Connor has worked for large Construction Employers and also large International Contracting Organisations from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France & Spain on schemes procured using conventional or traditional procurement, design and build procurement and also design, build finance and operate procurement under PPP / PFI Schemes. However, OCCCC’s service can be tailored to meet any Client’s needs ranging from the supply of full services to the investigation, analysis and assessment of a discrete issue. 

Mr. O’Connor’s expertise in this area is founded upon 28 years of working in the Construction Industry in Ireland, the U.K. and the U.S.A. with the vast majority of this expertise and experience being derived from the former market.