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Sea - Coastal Defences, Jetties, Quays, Piers, Ports & Docks
Transportation of humans and cargo on and adjacent to the sea requires amongst other things the construction of coastal defences, jetties and quays, piers, ports and docks. Civil Engineering Works that are affected by the sea or the tidal effect of the sea are necessarily complicated and require special measures to combat water ingress into the works such as well pointing and other de-watering measures such as pumping, welded interlocking steel sheet piling, etc.

Mr. O’Connor has been involved in several large Civil Engineering Projects that required the use of such measures including large pontoons and winches and heavy crainage and is acutely aware of the cost implications of working on or adjacent to water.

Brian M. O’Connor’s expertise in Commercial Management and in Construction Contract Claim production and Defence to Claim and Counter-Claim is widely known in Ireland. Mr. O’Connor’s expertise has derived from 28 years working in the Construction Industry with 15 of those years being attributed to advising Clients on all aspects of Construction with the exception of design. These Clients have included International Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors and large International Employers and Developers.

Mr. O’Connor expertise in relation to marine work and work affected by the sea and the tidal affect of the sea has been acquired by working as a Claims Consultant and Commercial Manager to such Clients on several Civil Engineering Schemes which involved work on or adjacent to the sea and also river outfall work.

Brian M. O’Connor has worked as a Civil Engineering Surveyor on a variety of civil engineering schemes affected by the sea such as the Dún-Laoghaire Main Drainage Scheme that entailed coastal protection work, the Poolbeg Combined Cycle Power Station at the Liffey Estuary that was subject to tidal influences and other civil engineering work that was subject to tidal effects. Mr. O’Connor has also worked on Harbour Reclamation / Infill works for the new Yacht Club in Dún-laoghaire, County Dublin and new Pier Construction on the river Liffey in Dublin Port and has been appointed by a large International Contractor to advise it in relation to a significant Tunnel under the Shannon Estuary in Limerick as part of the Limerick Main Drainage. 

Mr. O’Connor has also been involved in works in the Grand Canal Dock and the North Wall Road, Dublin that were subject to tidal influences and has been involved in sea Outfall Pipeline works in Wicklow.

As a result of this experience, Mr. O’Connor is ideally placed to be of assistance to clients in the commercial aspects of civil engineering works affected by the sea.