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“I have personal knowledge of Brian from the time he worked with Uniform Construction during the period October 1990 to February 1994. Brian was working in the capacity of Quantity Surveyor during this time I had the opportunity to acquaint myself fully with the quality of his work. I found that he was accurate with detail and had a great capacity to maximise cash flow for the betterment of the project. He had a good personal relationship with his colleagues in Uniform Construction and he also maintained good relations with members of the engineering staff representing the client on sites..”   

William Hourie
Commercial Director
Uniform Construction Ltd.
3rd July, 2007.

“Brian, following the experienced gained with us and from his previous employments, would be experienced and very conversant with all the requirements for carrying out his Quantity Surveying duties. In addition, Brian would have gained invaluable knowledge with regard to the practical aspects of the works being executed on site. During his time with us, he also pursued his continuing professional development with regard to courses and seminars attended.

We have no hesitation in recommending Brian for a position or for works undertaken compatible with his qualifications and experience.”

Brian Walsh
Chief Quantity Surveyor
P.J. Walls (Civil) Ltd.
3rd February, 1998.

“Brian.....We would very much like to thank you for your assistance on this matter, we were most impressed with your professionalism and would of course, both recommend your company to others and if we need assistance in Eire, we shall come knocking on your door a lot earlier than we did last time.

Many thanks again for your assistance.”

Barry Gardiner
Managing Director
LMR Drilling UK Limited
23rd February, 2005.

Dear Brian, We wish to express our appreciation to you for your excellent work in assisting to bring a particularly difficult client to heel. We have no doubt that your doggedness and professionalism were deciding factors in leading the client and his advisors towards agreeing the final settlement. We feel your intervention was instrumental in curtailing what could have been a long and painful process for all concerned.

It is an unfortunate reality that contract disputes are becoming more commonplace in the industry but we now know that should we find ourselves in future in a similar situation that help is at hand. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your practice to those in need.

We wish you every success.

Stephen Byrne
Managing Director
Gorey Construction Limited
18th May, 2006.


“I have known Brian since 1985 when he was working with P.J. Walls (Civil) Ltd. on the Northern Cross Route Project for Fingal County Council. At that time Brian was managing all the Drainage Sub-Contractors on the Project one of which was Priority Construction Ltd.

In 1998 Brian formed BMOC & ASSOCIATES a specialist Civil Engineering Consultancy which was offering a variety of Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management services to Civil Engineering Contractors. Priority Construction Ltd. & Priority Drilling Ltd. became client’s of Brian’s practice.

During the period 1998 – 2009 Brian worked on numerous medium – large Civil Engineering Projects for this company. Being very familiar with Brian’s work, I can say with absolute conviction that virtually all, if not all of the Contracts on which Brian worked for the Priority Group of Companies were commercially successful and this is attributed to Brian’s particular skill set, attention to detail, committment and above all his professionalism and his ability to work with our team and the client’s team. 

A number of these projects threw up some extremely difficult challenges and Brian working with his colleagues in Priority managed to overcome these challenges and achieve successful outcomes without the need to refer matters to arbitration, which was most impressive.  

As a result of his impressive record for the PRIORITY GROUP, I am pleased to endorse Brian as a committed, trusted and valuable advisor. “

John McCarthy
Managing Director
Priority Construction Ltd.
23rd  February, 2010.

“Brian worked for DENYS n.v. on the Limerick Main Drainage Scheme - Contract No. 4 in which DENYS entered into a Sub-Contract Agreement with Sorensen Civil Engineering Ltd. to execute to large bore pipe jack micro-tunnels for Limerick City Council.  The Main Tunnel crossed under the River Shannon from the Condell Road on the Northern City limits to the Main Treatment Plant.

The project experienced a number of adverse ground conditions and artificial obstructions, which gave rise to difficulties which were successfully overcome by DENYS. Brian provided invaluable contractual advice to Denys and prepared several claims in conjunction with our site engineering team. The claims were acknowledged by the Council who paid the Main Contractor.

Denys was very pleased with the consultancy advice and claim submissions prepared by Brian and we have no hesitation in endorsing Brian’s work and we are happy to recommend him to prospective civil engineering tunnelling clients.”
Dominique Delbaere
Division Manager – Tunnelling
23rd February, 2010.

“We found that Brian took a very personal and proactive approach to all our issues as he has a very detailed knowledge of the technical, programming, commercial, contractual and legal issues giving rise to dispute and we were able to use his knowledge and vast skills in Arbitration with a satisfactory outcome for McGowan Civil Engineering Limited.  

Without hesitation, we are more than happy to endorse Brian to prospective Clients.

Sean McGowan
McGowan Civil Engineering Limited
9th December, 2010

“Brian was recommended to us by a fellow Civil Engineering Contractor in Ireland to act on our behalf in dispute resolution on construction contracts. At the time, we were having major difficulties on a large Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract and found that we could not get paid for varied work instructed by the main contractor. Very substantial monies were in dispute and we were most concerned about the situation.

Brian worked directly with me to produce a very detailed, cogent professional report that not only articulated our issues but also evidenced our contractual entitlements. This was done by detailed analysis of the principle at issue and also the quatum. On the basis of the work that Brian did for us, we were able to settle our differences with our client with a positive financial outcome for our company and still maintain a good working relationship with our Client.

We found Brian to be very responsive to our needs and we received very good professional advice and high quality deliverables from him in a timely manner. We will continue to avail of Brian’s services should the need arise in the future.”

Joeseph Knox
Managing Director
A. Cafferkey Developments Ltd.  
15th December, 2010.

“Brian worked for Indaver n.v. on the above-noted project, the first of its kind in Ireland and a strategically important piece of industrial infrastructure for Indaver.....Indaver n.v. was very satisfied with Brian’s professionalism and advice and his analysis of the contractual,  programming and financial aspects of the Contractor’s Claim, which provided Indaver with a most comprehensive and invaluable understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Contractor’s Claim.

Indaver found Brian to be very focussed on the difficult task assigned to him and our Consultant Project Management Team valued his experience and advice and took note of his objectivity when issuing advice. We have no doubt that this advice provided Indaver with a solid basis on which to negotiate and ultimately settle the Claim with the Contractor and thus, avoided what would have been a very protrated, disruptive and costly dispute.

Indaver n.v. has no hesitation in recommending Brian to prospective clients.”

Jan Geeroms                                                                                             
Financial Administrative and Projects Manager                                      
INDAVER n.v                                                                                               
22nd December, 2011.                                                                 

Ann Raveel
Chief Technical Officer
22nd December, 2011.

“Barnmore appointed Solicitors to represent the Company in its dispute and they appointed Brian O’Connor as an Independent Expert to prepare an expert report that quantified the Company’s Claim in detail having regard to all the contractual programming and quantum matters that gave rise to claim.

Mr. O’Connor produced what was acknowledged by Barnmore Demolition & Civil Engineering Ltd. and its Legal Team as a report of the highest quality which paid great attention to detail. The report comprised several volumes sub-divided into multiple books of support information / evidence, entailed a detailed chronology and factual analysis, followed by a contractual and programme analysis as well as a detailed Works Valuation culminating in a summary of his findings. In fact, Mr. O’Connor valued the Works in both a conventional manner with a variation and delay and disruption analysis and also by means of a Contractual Quantum Meruit or Fair Valuation approach.

We were very pleased that Mr. O’Connor was recommended to us and having worked with him over a couple of years on the above project, we found Brian to be a consumate professional who made himself available to us at short notice, was very focussed in what he did and who did not shirk from his responsibilities as an independent expert witness. Both Barnmore demolition & Civil Engineering Ltd. and its Legal Team acknowledged Mr. O’Connor’s expertise in Construction Claims and were very pleased with the product that he produced for litigation.

We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Brian and his Company to others who find themselves in the unfortunate position that Barnmore Demolition & Civil Engineering Ltd. found itself. We have no doubt that Mr. O’Connor will be a valuable asset to prospective Clients and their teams.”

Brendan O’Halloran
Barnmore Demolition & Civil Engineering Limited
10th February, 2012.