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Project Co-ordination is the planning and co-ordination of live activities on site while liaising with the Project Manager to ensure the smooth running of the project and bringing it to a successful completion. Project Co-ordination is vital on any large construction project and requires good  communication skills, good planning and scheduling skills and the implementation and administration of quality document control and archiving systems and in particular the keeping, monitoring and control of key site records.

The project co-ordinator will be responsible for the administration of a project whereas the Project Manager will be responsible for its timely delivery to the specified standard and within budget. Project Co-ordination is therefore a sub-set of Project Management and the Project Co-ordinator works very closely with the Project Manager.

OCCC Principal has the experience and requisite skills to ensure that large projects are set up with appropriate systems to ensure that project co-ordination runs smoothly. Mr. O’Connor has advised Construction Clients on the type, quantity and quality of records that should be maintained, which can then be used to facilitate accurate project cost control, i.e. accurate cost outlay versus value recovery and to establish an early warning system for cost over-runs. On large projects this data should be stored in appropriate data centres or servers to facilitate easy access and retrieval and to facilitate accounts management and auditing.

In addition, appropriate systems can be put in place to ensure effective recovery of contractual entitlements through change order substantiation and assist with sub-contract management and sub-contract cost control. On large or complex projects, document control and retrieval systems are essential to the good management of the project, however all too often costs get misallocated to the wrong cost control centres making for expensive remedial action. There is no substitution for good record keeping and good cost control administrative measures.  

Brian M. O’Connor has been employed in the past by a leading global construction organisation to assist in shadow project management of projects in Ireland, drafting contractual correspondence on complex issues, preparation of monetary Claims for the organisation and also to advise in relation to the resolution of contractual disputes with the Employer and also with Sub-Contractors. 

Due to this expertise and experience, Mr. O’Connor is ideally placed to advise Construction Clients in matters of Project Co-ordination.