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Expert determination is a confidential form of dispute resolution whereby the Parties agree to the appointment of an independent and impartial Expert who has specific expertise and experience in the subject matter in dispute.  The Parties usually agree to be bound by the expert’s decision. The process is normally conducted by way of written pleadings or submissions only and it is usually reserved for the more technically complex disagreements and / or disputes.

The process is thus, quicker and cheaper than other forms of dispute resolution and it is usual for the period in which the expert determination is to be delivered to the Parties to be specified by the Parties. The process is regulated by the agreement of the Parties. 

Brian M. O’Connor is widely regarded for his knowledge, skill and expertise in matters ADR and in Construction Claims. This expertise has been acquired over 25 years of working in the Construction Industry and is acknowledged by Domestic and International Construction Clients and Construction Lawyers alike and when brought to bear upon a contractual disagreement, difference or dispute has resulted in positive outcomes for Clients in the past.

Mr. O’Connor’s expertise and experience in Building, Civil Engineering and Construction Law makes him an ideal person to act as in the capacity of chosen Independent Expert to determine matters of contention between Parties.

Brian M. O’Connor has received specialist Expert Witness training and has acted in the capacity of Independent Expert Witness in complex construction disputes having being appointed by Solicitors in Litigation and pending Litigation and also by Construction Employers, Liquidators and Contractors in Arbitration and thus, is well placed to fulfil the role of independent Expert to determine or adjudicate upon Construction Industry disputes.