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The Principal of OCCCC has worked with all the leading Construction Lawyers (Solicitors) in Ireland and has worked with numerous Junior and Senior Counsels on contentious planning, property and construction litigation and arbitration.

At OCCCC we deal with a wide variety of technical, commercial and contractual issues and provide advice at all stages of Building, Civil Engineering and Process Engineering Contracts.

This work includes detailed investigations and establishment of facts, works valuations and also includes preparing strength, weakness, opportunities & threat (SWOT) analyses, risk analyses and delay analyses. In addition, we provide our Client’s with an analysis of the roles, rights, obligations and liabilities of the Parties to a Construction Contract and issue advice in connection with our findings. The Principal of OCCCC is recognised for his professional expertise, experience and integrity and the high quality of his work, which supports the legal argument being made by the Client’s lawyers.

While OCCCC favours a non-adversarial approach to Construction Dispute Resolution it is not possible for all disagreements or disputes to be resolved through negotiation, conciliation or mediation. In such circumstances, arbitration or litigation becomes necessary to finally determine the matters in dispute and while lawyers are essential to the litigation process it is now increasingly commonplace for lawyers to be involved in construction arbitrations.

OCCCC is proud of its association with our legal colleagues and the relationships formed with construction lawyers through working successfully with the company principal over the last 20 years and we continue to ensure that we deliver the type and quality of service and legal support for which we are known.      

Brian M. O’Connor is recognised both domestically and internationally as possessing expertise in Construction Commercial Management and in Construction Claims. While Mr. O’Connor may be termed a Quantum Expert, he also possesses expertise in Delay Analysis and in Construction Law.

In order to be appointed by a Construction Lawyer – Solicitor – to any case being litigated before the Courts or in Arbitral proceedings, one will necessarily possess the appropriate level of expertise in order to receive the appointment. Mr. O’Connor’s has worked with all the leading Construction Lawyers in Ireland and his expertise is a matter of record with these firms and individuals.

The Principal of OCCCC many years of experience in supporting Construction Lawyers in both litigation and arbitration and has provided suitable briefings of technical and commercial information essential to the case.

Mr. O’Connor has also produced much documentation in the form of Construction Claims and Works Valuations and has also appeared as an Expert Witness in Arbitration and Litigation, the latter before the Circuit and Commercial Courts in Dublin.